Super and SMSF News

Discover the benefits of self managed super workshop registration

21/10/2020 | Discover the Benefits of Self Managed Superannuation- Register for the latest online education workshop on self managed super. Find out why many Australian’s are taking more control over their super options. FREE registration…

Superannuation surveys shows many Australians are not clear about their retirement options

12/10/2020 | New statistics show many superannuation members are not sure if they will have enough to retire on and are not clear about how much they are paying in superannuation fees.

Proposed changes to tax treatement of earnings for super income streams 2014

3/9/2020 | Government announcements during the budget suggested a significant change to the superannuation tax system. The tax treatment of earnings on allocated pensions (super income streams) will increase from 1 July 2014. Currently the tax rate on asset earnings within a allocated or account based pension…

Getting professional advice, is it worth it?

14/7/2020 | Do I need a financial planner or accountant? Is it worth it? Two questions are lot of us face when it comes to making financial decisions. A professional with years of experience can make you and save you thousands of dollars….

How Franking Credits Reduce Tax On Super (SMSF)

10/6/2020 | Self Managed Super guide on using franking credits and how to reduce tax on super

Avoid Making Costly Mistakes When Buying Property with your Superannuation Fund

13/3/2020 | With the increasing popularity of buying investment property with your superannuation fund, there has been increased concern by the ATO over the number of arrangements many super funds trustees are getting wrong.

Free SMSF Property Gearing Checklist

8/11/2020 | Buying a property with your self managed super fund? Use this handy checklist to help you when looking to buy investment property with your self managed superannuation fund (SMSF).

Protecting your wealth in good and bad times with your SMSF

15/9/2020 | According to comminsure’s report which they commissioned to collect the latest insurance statistics available, many Australians are heavily underinsured by $3.1 trillion and only half – 56% – of Australians have life insurance.

Gold Superannuation Strategies before June 30

1/6/2020 | If you are looking for some last minute gold nuggets before June 30, then make sure you take advantage of these three valuable superannuation and retirement strategies before the new superannuation laws are put into action. You need to stay ahead of the government changes to superannuation if you…

New ATO Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Investment Property Rules

26/12/2020 | Find out what the new SMSF rules mean for property investors.