Business Activity Statements (BAS) Guide

What is a business activity statement?

A business activity statement (BAS) is a statement to the ATO to report information about your business or investment income.

Businesses and individuals use an activity statement to report and pay:

  • PAYG instalments
  • PAYG withholding
  • GST and related tax obligations
  • fuel tax credits
  • FBT instalments
  • some company and super fund instalments.

Do I need to complete an activity statement?

If you do not have any of the obligations above you do not have to complete a business activity statement (BAS).

How do I get an activity statement?

Activity statements are sent to the postal address you have provided the ATO for activity statement purposes when you applied for your ABN.

When will I get my first activity statement?

Reporting periods are generally either quarterly or yearly. The ATO will send your activity statement form every reporting period from the expected start date of your business which you supply when you apply for your ABN. Remember however that if you do not have any of the obligations listed at the top of the page then you do not to complete and activity statement and you will not be sent one.

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When do I have to lodge my business activity statement?

The ATO will send you an activity statement form for every reporting period. The activity statement will have the due date for lodgement and the period the statement covers written on the form. It is generally required to lodge an activity statement monthly or quarterly. A business may also be eligible to report GST or PAYG statements each year.

‘You may be eligible for a two-week deferral if you lodge and pay your activity statement online’.

How do I lodge my activity statement?

You can lodge your business activity statement with the ATO online via their Business Portal.

What if I don’t lodge in time?

If you do not lodge your activity statement by the due date and pay any amount owing, you may have to pay penalties.

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Source: Small Business Basics p.49, ATO, 2011