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December 2013 property market in review, is it farewell to a sellers market?

16/12/2020 | Read more about the Australian property market over 2013. How did it fare and which capital cities stood out from the rest? Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane….

How To Buy A Good Property In A Seller?s Market

22/10/2020 | Find out how to be a successful buyer in a sellers market and pay the asking price for a good property that will make you a happy family home or a good long term investment.

The Year Of The Snake – Will It Bring Ups Or Downs To The Sydney Property Market?

11/3/2020 | For the calendar year of 2012 home prices in Darwin and Sydney recorded the largest rises – up 8.95 per cent and 1.47 % respectively. Other capital cities struggled with Melbourne recording the steepest fall of 2.86%.

Sydney – The Town That Keeps On Giving

19/12/2020 | From the 1970s if your were buying a property in Sydney, the market had a continuous, average price increases of around 3% p/a. Doesn’t sound like much but already the compound interest was looking good.

When To Jump Into The Sydney Market – The Three Phases Of The Property Cycle

26/11/2020 | As the saying goes, “what goes up must come down” and while the heady days of 20% per annum growth may be behind us for now, a rudimentary understanding of the Sydney property cycle will give you the confidence to snap up some great deals andcleverly boost your property portfolio when others shy…

Women Taking Charge Of Their Retirement Lifestyle With Property Investing

16/9/2020 | Women need to pay themselves first before they pay anyone else! When interviewed, it would seem that more than half of Australian women under 50 admit that they’re not saving enough for retirement. According to the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AWCCI) many Australian female…

Ready To Buy An Investment Property? But Where?

20/8/2020 | Deciding to bite the preverbal bullet and buy your investment property is often the biggest and most exciting decision of all but then comes the question of where? Sometimes it’s easy to get baffled by the “experts” and indeed, Financial Advisers, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Uncle Bill…

House or Unit, which do you choose?

6/6/2020 | For many years the issue of houses versus units has been the subject of much debate, but there is still a great deal of misunderstanding surrounding the facts. On the surface the answer may seem obvious; however, when you examine the fundamental comparison of return on investment more closely, the…

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2012-2013 Federal Budget Analysis And The Property Market

15/5/2020 | What potential effects will the 2012 federal budget have on the property market? We provide some analysis and insight on how individual areas and the market as a whole may be affected.

ANZ Becomes Final Major To Cut Rates

15/5/2020 | Effective from 18 May, ANZ will boast a new variable rate of 7.05 per cent – slightly more expensive than NAB at 6.99 per cent and CBA at 7.01 per cent.