Property Or Shares – Which Is The Better Australian Investment?

Property or shares? This is a question that is often asked and just as often you will hear a different response. Well we’ve gotten a bit tired of reading the same generic responses on Australian shares or property; tired of the same out of date, opinionated, biased and generally lazy analysis and comparison of shares and property. So we have done some calculations and analysis in a video that aims to show you which is the better Australian investment and why. We have also put the power in your hands to compare shares and property using different assumptions by using the Investment Calculator from our site.

In our property or shares example we run through two different scenarios using the Investment Calculator which you can download here. In one scenario; our investor John invests into Australian investment property and in the other he invests into Australian shares. Both shares and the investment property are assumed to have the same yield, same capital growth and the same loan to value ratio. The criteria for assessing the winner is John’s overall equity and cash flow over 30 years. The Investment Calculator is Australia’s most powerful financial calculator and caters for a vast range of investment scenarios and details.