Land Tax Rates & Thresholds TAS

You can use our Free Online Land Tax Calculator to calculate how much land tax you can expect to pay.

From the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) Tasmania:

Land Tax is calculated on the Assessed Land Value as shown on your assessment notice.  This is based on the Land Value, which is determined annually by the Valuer-General by either of two methods:
1. In Municipalities where a fresh revaluation is undertaken, the new Land Values are determined and a Notice of Valuation is sent to the property owner.  At 1 October 2008, fresh revaluations were undertaken for nine Municipalities and these new Land Values are effective from 1 July 2009. Generally, approximately a third of Tasmania is revalued every two years.

2. In non-revaluation Municipalities, Adjusted Land Values are assessed using market based Adjustment Factors

The rate of land tax increases with the total value of land owned.

The table below shows the current land tax scale which applies from 1 July 2010.

Aggregated Land Value

Current Tax Scale from 1 July 2020

$0 – $24 999


$25 000 – $349 999

$50 plus 0.55% of value above $25 000

$350 000 and above

$1 837.50 plus 1.5% of value above $350 000

Source: Department of Treasury and Finance TAS