How To Generate A Client Report

The Investment Calculator can be used to easily generate flexible and comprehensive reports for clients and individuals.

The report generating feature is only available in the professional version. You can purchase the professional version here.

Creating a report video tutorial

Written instructions

You can generate a report at any time by pressing the ‘Create Report’ button from any page within the calculator.

Once you click ‘Create Report’ the ‘Generate Report’ window will appear that will allow you to choose the pages that you wish to include in the report.

You can see an example of some pages selected for a report below.

In the example above we have chosen to include:

  • The assumptions used in the model
  • Pages related to the individuals entire situation
  • An analysis related to shares and a proposed investment property

We have also included the company name to be included on the report pages and the title of the report and an overview to be included on the cover page.

You can then create the report by pressing ‘Create Report’ and the calculator will begin to build the report. Depending on the speed of your computer this may take a minute or so.

The Investment Calculator will notify you of when the report has been completed.

Press ‘Ok’ and the report will be shown for preview and can print the report. Note that you can print to pdf if you have a PDF generator installed (e.g. the free PDF printer CutePDF).