How To Choose Which Version of Excel To Run By Default

Running more than one version of Excel and want to choose which version to open the Investment Calculator with?

You may use several versions of Excel on the same computer. The Investment Calculator will always use the version of Excel that was installed last.

So to run the Investment Calculator in a particular version of Excel you need to follow a particular process to make a particular Excel version active. This process is different for each version. The processes are exactly the same as setting a particular version of Excel to open .xls files by default.

The processes do not require uninstalling or re-installing excel.

Excel 2000/2003

To make Excel 2000/2003 active you need to run the command line like:
c:Program Files<Path to Excel>Excel.exe /RegServer
by default it looks like
c:Program FilesMicrosoft Office 2003OFFICE11EXCEL.EXE  /RegServer

If you have another path to excel.exe file please use yours.

Excel 2007

To make  Excel 2007 active you need to start the Office 2007 Diagnostic tool.

To do this:

  1. Click the office button in the top left
  2. Click excel options down the bottom
  3. Click Resources on the left
  4. Click ‘Diagnose’ and run the Microsoft Office Diagnostics

Excel 2010

To make Excel 2010 active you need to:

  1. Close any spreadsheets you may have open in Excel.
  2. Go to Control Panel and Uninstall Programs.
  3. Select Microsoft Office 2010
  4. Click “Change”
  5. Click “Repair”
  6. Click “Continue”