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The help & support here relates to the Investment Calculator. The help does not relate to the online calculators. If you need help with an online calculator or can’t find help with what you want please Contact Us.

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Help Contents

Buying / unlocking the full version of the Investment Calculator.

  • How do I buy / unlock the full version of the Investment Calculator?
  • How do I find my unique Computer ID?

Downloading and Installing

  • Making sure the calculator can run on your computer
  • Downloading and opening a calculator
  • Changing inputs

Entering Information Into A Calculator

  • Help with understanding what to enter into each field


  • How does the timing work?
  • Cash Flows
  • Super
  • Income Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inflation


  • Entire Summary
    • Cash Flow Summary
    • Assets, Loans, Net Worth
    • Taxes
    • Cash Flow From Financing
  • Individual Investments
    • Cash Flow
    • How Much Your Investment Will Cost You

Errors Help

  • Downloading or opening the calculator
  • Using the calculator
  • Other errors

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