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Make money from investing in gold, read our How To Buy Gold In Australia Guide to find out how you can bet on gold and turn a profit or just diversify your portfolio.

This guide is a growing collection of gold investing resources including:

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Gold Prices & Charts

First a word about how gold is traded and how prices are quoted

As you probably already know gold is a commodity. Commodities trade predominantly using futures contracts. Without going into too much detail here about futures contracts, futures contracts are settled on a particular date in the future. So you will often encounter prices that either use that date in the future (the forward price) and other times encounter a price for the contract settling today (the spot price).

Spot gold price

You can view a constantly updated gold spot price below.

The Commodity prices are provided by Forex Pros – The Leading Financial Portal


Historical prices

One of the best providers of historical gold charts and gold spot prices is Kitco. Although they may appear a bit out-dated their site has a lot of gold price information

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Technical analysis

Of course Kitco’s charts include very few technical indicators. For more technical charts we recommend gold price chart which uses the symbol $gold.

Futures Prices

One of the biggest exchanges that gold futures trade on is COMEX. COMEX supplies up to date gold futures prices and gold charts for the nearest and future gold futures contracts here.

Gold Price Forecasts

As past and present gold investors ourselves, we are constantly analyzing gold price movements and collecting news and views about where forecasters, market commentators and analysts believe the gold price is heading.

Our latest collection of forecasts


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