Gold Bullion: Where To Buy Gold Bullion In Australia

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Gold bullions and coins are the real deal. They are physical gold you can put your hands on rather than pieces of paper such as ETCs backed by real gold or gold derivatives. If you don’t want to mess about with pieces of paper related to gold then gold bullion may suit you better.

Investors can purchase gold coins or gold bullions at rates that fluctuate with the spot gold price from mints or companies specialising in trading gold bullion. The Perth Mint (Gold Corporation) is one such example of these gold companies operating in Australia. Through their website investors can buy and sell physical gold at quoted rates.

Gold rates quoted by mints have extremely high spreads, meaning the difference between the buy and sell prices is extremely high. Investors wanting to buy and sell gold frequently would be much better suited to trading paper securities such as gold ETFs or shares in gold miners.

Where do I put my physical gold?

Well it is all good to purchase physical gold, but where do you put your gold and how do you get it? Holding physical gold in your living room may not be the best idea and you’d likely want to insure your gold holdings. Kerry Packer found this out the hard way in 1995 when $5.3 million worth of gold was stolen from his office (for which he was insured).

What most investors prefer to do is to open a metal account with a mint or gold trading company that will store your gold and avoid the cost of having to transport it.


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