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Here we go through common errors that some users experience when trying to download, open, or use the Investment Calculator.

I have found an error that is not listed here.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the calculators are error free, as with any software, bugs can occasionally arise.

The calculators are updated almost every month with new features, bugfixes and new calculations.

You can view the updates here to see if the error you are experiencing has been solved already.

If you should find what could possibly be an error please contact us or leave a reply at the bottom of the page and we will resolve the issue immediately.

Downloading or opening the Calculator

In addition please see the Downloading and Installing Help Page.

The Calculator Won’t Open or Closes Immediately

Please ensure that your computer is compatible with running the calculator.


– Windows 2000 or greater

– Excel 2000 or greater

Currently the Investment Calculator will not function on a MAC.

There have also been compatibility issues reported for Excel 2010 64 bit.

Other steps you can try to get the calculator running.

The Investment Calculator makes use of an Excel add-in. Often Excel can become damaged and files corrupted. A repair is extremely easy and quick to perform and can often resolve many issues.

1. Repair Excel (See here for steps on how to do this for Excel 2003 , Excel 2007 , Excel 2010 )

2. Install the Analysis ToolPak in Excel while the Investment Calculator is not running.

The ‘Analysis Toolpak’ that is required for the calculator to function correctly. It is an add-on to Excel that just isn’t installed by default. My suggestion is to install the toolpak in Excel then try running the calculator.

This is because the calculator tries to install the Analysis Toolpak when it is opened if it is not already installed on in Excel. There may be a conflict or permission error when this is attempted.

Please see the Downloading and Installing Page for instructions on how to install the Analysis Toolpak.

I get a warning from my computer when I try to open a calculator

When opening the calculator your computer or anti-virus program may give you a warning message. This is because the calculator is in the .exe file format. Anti-virus programs are not very friendly towards many exe type files. There is no malicious material or code in any of the calculators and they are all 100% safe to run. They are in the exe file format for copy protection purposes and in order to allow advanced functions such as saving and loading different scenarios

Ensuring your computer can run the property calculator with no errors

The calculator requires Excel 2000 or higher and Windows 2000 or higher. Some users have reported issues with Excel 2010 64-bit.

Excel must have the Add-in Analysis Toolpack installed. To install the Analysis Toolpak follow the instructions here.

The Investment Calculator won’t open anymore

The standard and pro editions of the Investment Calculator are free to use for 7 days. After that period you will not be able to open the Investment Calculator.

You will need to obtain a registration key in order to unlock the full version of the Investment Calculator

Click here to see how to obtain your registration key

I already have a registration key.

For the Investment Calculator to open the registration key must be in the same folder as the Investment Calculator

Example: The Investment Calculator is saved in My Documents. The registration key file must also be saved in My Documents.

The registration key must not be renamed. It must have the same name as the application (Investment Calculator) in order for it to work correctly.

Using the Investment Calculator

The links in the reports page don’t work

In Investment Calculator versions prior to version 1.3.09 there was an issue with using the links in the reports page from the ‘Entire Situation’ Section. This issue has been fixed.

I’m seeing #N/As

If you have entered a name for an investor or property you may see #N/As on a reports page. This is because the calculator has a default name selected on the reports and when you enter a new name the calculator can’t find the default anymore.

Solution: Use the ‘which investment / investor would you like to see?’ dropdown and choose an investment or investor.

#N/As may also appear because the calculations require the Analysis Toolpak to be installed and you are using a version of excel that does not have it installed.

To install the Analysis Toolpak for Excel 2003 follow the instructions here. For Excel 2007 or 2010 follow the instructions here.

I’m seeing #VALUE!s

This has most likely happened because you have put text into a box that is supposed to only have numbers.

Solution: Go through the inputs sections and make sure that the right boxes have numbers and the right boxes have text.

Why can’t I save?

You need to have a registered copy of the Investment Calculator in order to save a scenario.

For more help on saving click here


Got an error that isn’t here or need more help? No worries, just reply below or contact us.


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