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Market and economic forecast week starting September 12th 2011.

Week Ahead: Global Markets & Economic News (September 12th 2011)

12/9/2020 | There’s a hell of a lot of uncertainty out there at the moment. Know what’s ahead in business and economic news for the week starting September 12th 2011.

Greek Default - Flag and Euro

Markets Vs. Policy Makers: Can Greece Win?

12/9/2020 | Can Greece beat the markets and avoid default. A cursory glance over the score board of markets vs. policy makers would suggest not.

Australian Unemployment Rate Rises To 5.3% In August 2011

8/9/2020 | Worrying signs of Australia’s worsening ‘patchwork economy’ revealed today by the ABS.

Australia Map

Australian GDP Growth 1.2% For June 2011 Quarter

7/9/2020 | Some confirmation for the Australian economy bulls and a bit of a message to all the doom-sayers out there.

RBA Governor Glenn Stevens

Australian Interest Rates On Hold At 4.75% For September 2011

6/9/2020 | Are there more interest rate cuts to come? RBA Governor Glenn Stevens weighs in on global uncertainty, inflation concerns and tight financial conditions.

Retail Spending - Making A Purchase With EFTPOS

Retail Turnover Figures July 2011: Retail Turnover Rises 0.5%

1/9/2020 | Well in some good news for the struggling retail sector today. Australians are spending again! (at least a little more than in June).

Australian Interest Rate Forecast: Westpac Forecasts December Cut

15/8/2020 | With the huge amount of volatility in share markets seen in the past week and mounting concerns about the global economy where will the RBA set rates over the next year?

Interest Rate Forecast

Australian Interest Rate Forecast September 2011

15/8/2020 | RBA cash rate forecast for September 2011 from Goldman Sachs, Westpac, CBA and ANZ. No predictions for an interest rate rise in September.

Unemployment Rate Australia: 5.1% For July 2011 (ABS)

11/8/2020 | Australia’s unemployment rate increased 0.1 percentage points to 5.1 per cent in July 2011 – ABS.

Treasurer: Reaction To Share Market Fall August 2011

8/8/2020 | The Treasurer continues damage control