Downloading & Installing The Investment Calculator

Help and info on downloading the calculator and getting it running on your PC.

If you are having trouble with getting the calculator to run please also see our ‘Errors’ page.

The Investment Calculator is a spreadsheet wrapped as a .exe file to allow advanced features and copy protection. We use excel as it is the standard in the finance industry and allows us to spend more time adding features instead of writing code.

System Requirements

The calculator currently requires:

  • Excel 2000 or higher
  • Windows 2000 or higher

We are in the process of adding support for Macs.

If you are running multiple versions of Excel you can see how to choose which version the calculator uses here.

Excel 2010 64-bit

There have been some issues reported for users running Excel 2010 64-bit. This is common for Excel 2010 64-bit as most add-in developers create their add-ins to be compatible with the 32-bit version only. Click here to see a diagram of how to find out what version of Excel 2010 you are running.


Submit your details on the download form. An email will be sent to the email address you specified to make sure that you’ve provided a valid email address and that you are not a machine.

The email will contain a link to the download area. This allows you to access the download area at any time in the future.

Choose the version or versions you want to download and click the download button.

After clicking download you can either run or save. It is recommended to save the calculator to your desktop for easy access.

Installing & Uninstalling The Calculator

We know you’ll like this – no installation is required!

The .exe file is all that is needed.

To uninstall simply delete the .exe file!

The Analysis Toolpak

The Analysis Toolpak allows advanced finance calculations in excel.

The Analysis Toolpak must be installed or the calculator will not function correctly. Don’t worry it’s already in excel and free but just isn’t running by default. You only need to install it once. The calculator should install the analysis toolpak automatically if it is not already installed, however if a problem occurs you can see how to install the Analysis Toolpak manually.

How to install the Analysis Toolpak in Excel 2003 >>

How to install the Analysis Toolpak in Excel 2007 or Excel 2010 >>

Opening The Calculator

Anti-virus programs

When opening the calculator your computer or anti-virus program may give you a warning message. This is because the calculator is in the .exe file format. Anti-virus programs are not very friendly towards many exe type files. There is no malicious material or code in any of the calculators and they are all 100% safe to run. They are in the exe file format for copy protection purposes and in order to allow advanced functions such as saving and loading different scenarios.

License agreement

A user license agreement will appear when opening for the first. Please read this carefully and click I accept when done. The license agreement will not appear again.

Having troubles opening the calculator? check out our Errors Help page.

Need more help with downloading, installing or opening the calculator? No worries, just reply below.

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