Australian Economy News

Australian Market Review And Outlook March 2015

1/3/2020 | Several key macro events, both globally and domestic, contributed to significant gains for the local equity market, while the property arena saw strong demand.

Australian Market Update September 2013

23/9/2020 | Is now a good time to invest?. With a number of factors at play and the latest NAB business and consumer confidence surveys which way will the economy go?

Australian Market Outlook 2013: Where Will Investors Put Their Money?

13/12/2020 | What will 2013 hold for Australia? Will the same headwinds witnessed in 2012 still remain or will we see relatively smooth sailing?

Australia’s Economy On The Up – Interest Rates Going Down

8/11/2020 | Recently, I was lucky enough to hear Craig James, CommSec’s Chief Economist, talk at a luncheon and the optimism in the room on the state of Australia’s economy was palpable. According to Mr. James, who is without doubt, one of the sharpest brains on Australia’s economy, we are in excellent shape…

Growth on the Rise? The RBA Remains Confident

28/7/2020 | At the latest RBA meet up earlier this month the board observed that the outlook for Australia’s economy is showing very positive data, according to minutes released yesterday.

May RBA Rate Update

3/5/2020 | The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced a cut to the cash rate by 50 basis points down to 3.75%. It seems the economy is in dire need of good kickstart which may mean the central bank has decided fundamentals of the Australian economy need more stimulus to keep it humming along.

RBA Target Cash Rate May 2012

RBA Interest Rate Decision May: Rate Cut 0.5%

2/5/2020 | Find out why the Reserve Board cut rates 0.5% and where they may set the target rash rate for the remainder of 2012.

House Prices Property Street

Average House Prices Fall 4.5% Year On Year March 2012

2/5/2020 | Average prices down with some capitals posting modest gains.

Global Economic Update April 2012

4/4/2020 | Australian equities continue to lag the US and what’s in store for the remainder of 2012.

US Federal Reserve Building - The Fed

Bernanke’s Toolbox: Possible Actions For The Fed In 2011

14/9/2020 | Has the Fed Chairman run out policy options? We look at what Bernanke might pull out of the tool box when it meets next week.