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Australian Market Review And Outlook April 2015

12/4/2020 | The thematic of cheap money on a global scale is likely to continue to influence investor decisions over the near term. This in turn holds the potential to spark a resumption of the run higher for global equities. Yet sector performance is likely to continue display dispersion, as yield names…

Australian Market Review And Outlook March 2015

1/3/2020 | Several key macro events, both globally and domestic, contributed to significant gains for the local equity market, while the property arena saw strong demand.

Australian Market Review and Outlook: February 2015

1/2/2021 | Volatility has surged from a ripple to a dramatic swell at the outset of the year as central bankers announce fresh policy changes. Meanwhile, the local share market had a strong, yet fragmented start to the year with the local earnings season set to offer further guidance.

Australian Market Update September 2014

2/10/2020 | The latest NAB business survey make some key comments on how resilient Australia has been over the year with stable consumer confidence and favourable business conditions.

Australian Share Market Outlook March 2013 and Onward

17/3/2020 | Find out why there may be a correction due for the ASX200. Fundamentals point to mixed picture while technicals have the market at a possible key turning point.

Australian Market Outlook 2013: Where Will Investors Put Their Money?

13/12/2020 | What will 2013 hold for Australia? Will the same headwinds witnessed in 2012 still remain or will we see relatively smooth sailing?

Is the Glass Half Full? Is it time to Get Back Into Equities?

26/4/2020 | Is it time to go back into equities, what has to happen to make shares a more attractive investment?

Market Correlations

RBA May Lower Rates But “QE3” Possibilities in the U.S. is the Focus

23/4/2020 | What will an RBA rate cut or a possible QE3 from the Fed mean for Australian equities and the Australian dollar?

European Central Bank Euro Sign

European Sovereign Debt Crisis Timeline: Greek Crisis Timeline

27/9/2020 | Is Greece and its gang of buddies going to ruin the rest of the year for you? Check out our timeline of past and future events. Updated daily.

Markets: Week Ahead For 26th to 30th September

26/9/2020 | More market turmoil for the final week of September? US GDP data, Eurozone unemployment figures and Bernanke (unfortunately) opens his yap again.