Comparing Properties in the Market

Choosing an investment property

There are many different factors that can influence the performance of an investment property in regards to capital growth, rental return and resale potential.  These include:

  1. Age & condition of property
  2. Affordability within the suburb
  3. Availability of property within the suburb
  4. Internal and external size of property
  5. Type & style of property
  6. Populations (rate of increase or decrease)
  7. Infrastructure within the suburb
  8. Proximity to amenities
  9. Zoning changes
  10. Employment levels
  11. Demographics of the suburb
  12. Affordability of finance
  13. Percentage of investors in the area
  14. Proportion of property price that can be attributed to land only

In short there are a lot of considerations for comparing properties. These factors are not easy for newer investors to assess and it can be extremely time consuming to do perform a detailed analysis. For this reason it is often recommended to speak with a property professional. My Money Calculator has partnerships with experienced property advocates that can help buyers find the right property. To see what they can do for you simply visit