Buying / unlocking the full version of the Investment Calculator

How do I buy / unlock the full version?

Unlocking the full version of the Investment Calculator is easy and secure.

  1. Choose your version and click Buy Now on the Buy Now Page.
  2. Choose your payment method and complete the payment
  3. Email us your computer ID (instructions below)
  4. Your unique registration key will then be emailed to you within 48 hours.
  5. Keep the registration key file and the Investment Calculator in the same folder to unlock your registered version.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or you can leave a reply at the bottom of the page.

Payment security

My Money Calculator uses PayPal – the faster, easier way for accepting payments.

PayPal uses SSL technology to ensure that all payments made are as secure as possible.

You do not require a Paypal account to pay through PayPal.

 How do I find my unique Computer ID?

You can always find your unique computer ID by clicking the ‘About’ button at the top of any page from within the Investment Calculator. Note that this is available from within the Trial Version of the Investement Calculator. You can download the trial here.

The Computer ID will be visible and you can press “Copy Computer ID”. You can either paste it into the ID field on the payment page or send it to [email protected] once your payment is complete.



Need any help with buying or got any questions? No worries, just reply below or contact us.

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