News Articles For June 2013

Stamp Duty on Property Guide Australia

30/6/2020 |

What is stamp duty? Do I have to pay stamp duty and when? What about off-the-plan properties? How much is stamp duty?

Guide to Understanding Home Loan Approvals in Australia

16/6/2020 |

What do the home loan approvals and housing finance figures mean? Why should we care about them and what do they mean for the property market?

How Franking Credits Reduce Tax On Super (SMSF)

10/6/2020 |

Self Managed Super guide on using franking credits and how to reduce tax on super

How Do I Get A Building Approval?

5/6/2020 |

Thinking of building a new home or doing renovations? Learn more about whether you may be required to get a building approval before commencing any building.

Gold Prices, Gold Charts, Gold Forecasts | Gold Resources

2/6/2020 |

Resources for the gold investor and trader. Charts, prices and forecasts. Do your research and make money from investing in or trading gold.

Business Activity Statements (BAS) Guide

2/6/2020 |

What is a business activity statement?

A business activity statement (BAS) is a statement to the ATO to report information about your business or investment income.

Businesses and individuals use an activity statement to report and pay:

A Guide on How To Setup A Self Managed Super Fund

2/6/2020 |

Is an SMSF right for you? Read our guide to find out how to setup a Self Managed Super fund based on discussions with SMSF Tax Accountants Sydney and Melbourne

Guide to Understanding Building Approvals Figures in Australia

2/6/2020 |

What are Australian building approvals figures, who publishes them and how often, what do they mean for the property market and share market?