News Articles For September 2012

Get the latest tax rates for the 2012/2013 financial year

24/9/2020 | Here are the latest tax rates for the 2012/2013 financial year. These are based on the ATO official tax thresholds. Use the table to calculate your actual income tax rate and how much tax you may be liable to pay to the friendly tax office. These are for individual income tax rates only.

Women Taking Charge Of Their Retirement Lifestyle With Property Investing

16/9/2020 | Women need to pay themselves first before they pay anyone else! When interviewed, it would seem that more than half of Australian women under 50 admit that they’re not saving enough for retirement. According to the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AWCCI) many Australian female business owners will long outlive their savings and will have little hope of sustaining a lifestyle anywhere near to the one they’re used to.

Protecting your wealth in good and bad times with your SMSF

15/9/2020 | According to comminsure’s report which they commissioned to collect the latest insurance statistics available, many Australians are heavily underinsured by $3.1 trillion and only half – 56% – of Australians have life insurance.

Using Business Losses To Offset Income From Other Sources

14/9/2020 |

Many Australian businesses have fallen on tough times in the current economic climate. If your business has made a loss in the last financial year you may be able to at least use it to offset income from other sources.