News Articles For December 2011

New ATO Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Investment Property Rules

26/12/2020 | Find out what the new SMSF rules mean for property investors.

Small Businesses and Estate Planning: The Best Business Structure

24/12/2020 | Estate planning is a vital consideration when choosing a business structure. Make sure your small business can be transferred when you are no longer able to run it.

Which Business Structure Provides The Greatest Asset Protection?

24/12/2020 | Make sure you are protected. We assess which business structure provides the greatest level of asset protection.

Why are the small business CGT concessions so important?

24/12/2020 | See how small business capital gains tax concessions can save small businesses tax. Choose your business structure carefully!

Small Business and Tax: Comparison of Sole Trader, Company and Trusts

24/12/2020 | Tax and small business; we look at how a sole trader, partnership, company and trust stack up to see which could potentially save the most tax.

How To Choose A Business Structure

24/12/2020 | Outline of the criteria used for assessing each business structure to determine the business structure that is the most tax effective, affords the highest protection level and greatest estate planning flexibility.

Business Structures Overview: Company, Sole Trader, Trusts, Partnership

24/12/2020 | An outline and example of the most used business structures; sole trader, partnership, company and trusts.

Business Structures Guide: Company Vs. Sole Trader Vs. Trust

24/12/2020 |

Choosing the right business structure is vital for any business. We explain and assess the most common business structures including sole trader, company, partnership and trusts.

Which Is The Best Business Structure For Small Businesses?

24/12/2020 | We examine the tax efficiency, level of asset protection, and estate planning options for sole traders, partnerships, companies, and trusts and provide a final assessment.

Understanding The Australian Economy and Australias GDP

4/12/2020 |

What makes up Australia’s resilient economy and how has the Australian economy managed to perform so well over the past two decades?