News Articles For September 2011

European Central Bank Euro Sign

European Sovereign Debt Crisis Timeline: Greek Crisis Timeline

27/9/2020 | Is Greece and its gang of buddies going to ruin the rest of the year for you? Check out our timeline of past and future events. Updated daily.

Markets: Week Ahead For 26th to 30th September

26/9/2020 | More market turmoil for the final week of September? US GDP data, Eurozone unemployment figures and Bernanke (unfortunately) opens his yap again.


21/9/2020 |

Have a view on the Aussie Dollar Vs. US Dollar, Euro, or Pound? Currency ETFs are an easy to access and cost efficient way to profit from your view.

Eurozone - European Central Bank - ECB Building

The European Sovereign Debt Crisis Explained: Greece & Co

14/9/2020 | We run through a beginner’s guide to the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis, what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what can be done to stop it.

US Federal Reserve Building - The Fed

Bernanke’s Toolbox: Possible Actions For The Fed In 2011

14/9/2020 | Has the Fed Chairman run out policy options? We look at what Bernanke might pull out of the tool box when it meets next week.

Greek Default - Flag and Euro

Markets Vs. Policy Makers: Can Greece Win?

12/9/2020 | Can Greece beat the markets and avoid default. A cursory glance over the score board of markets vs. policy makers would suggest not.

Market and economic forecast week starting September 12th 2011.

Week Ahead: Global Markets & Economic News (September 12th 2011)

12/9/2020 | There’s a hell of a lot of uncertainty out there at the moment. Know what’s ahead in business and economic news for the week starting September 12th 2011.

Investing & Trading Tips From Top Hedge Fund Managers

12/9/2020 |

Less pain, more profits. We run through some trading and investing tips from top money managers.

Australian Unemployment Rate Rises To 5.3% In August 2011

8/9/2020 | Worrying signs of Australia’s worsening ‘patchwork economy’ revealed today by the ABS.

Australia Map

Australian GDP Growth 1.2% For June 2011 Quarter

7/9/2020 | Some confirmation for the Australian economy bulls and a bit of a message to all the doom-sayers out there.

RBA Governor Glenn Stevens

Australian Interest Rates On Hold At 4.75% For September 2011

6/9/2020 | Are there more interest rate cuts to come? RBA Governor Glenn Stevens weighs in on global uncertainty, inflation concerns and tight financial conditions.

Societe Generale European Bank - Soc Gen Sign

European Financials Forecast: Time To Buy European Banks?

4/9/2020 | Soc Gen shares down 80%+ since 2007 highs; time to buy? We weigh up the risks and potential rewards for investors who have the stomache.

Excess Contributions Tax and Your SMSF

4/9/2020 |

Know the consequences of making excess super contributions and what you can do if you’ve made excess contributions to your SMSF.

Silver Bullion

Silver Price Forecast: Silver Set To Soar?

1/9/2020 | Silver has outperformed gold, equities, and bonds over the past year and tech analysts believe there’s more to come!

Retail Spending - Making A Purchase With EFTPOS

Retail Turnover Figures July 2011: Retail Turnover Rises 0.5%

1/9/2020 | Well in some good news for the struggling retail sector today. Australians are spending again! (at least a little more than in June).