News Articles For July 2011

SMSF Strategy: Withdrawal and Re-Contribution

29/7/2020 |

If you have taxable money within your super fund, implementing a withdrawal and re-contribution strategy can help ensure you and your beneficiaries pay less tax on payments from your self managed superannuation fund.

What is a withdrawal and re-contribution strategy?

Australian Banks In Strong Position To Withstand Global Shocks

29/7/2020 | Limited exposure and more resilient but unlikely to repeat ‘golden period’

RBA Governor Glenn Stevens On Australian Consumer Confidence

29/7/2020 | Why Australians Are Making More But Spending Less

Australian Bonds Amongst Safest In The World

29/7/2020 | Australian economy safe? That’s what the rest of the world believes.

Australian Economy: Credit Growth 2010/2011

29/7/2020 | Credit growth resumes downward trend as business and consumer confidence falls

Market Forecast Image

Australian Share Market: UBS Forecasts ASX200 To Reach 5,200 By End 2011

28/7/2020 | Why UBS Wealth expects S&P/ASX 200 to rise 14.5% in the next 6 months

Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Logo

Australian Interest Rates: RBA Leaves Rates On Hold July 2011

6/7/2020 | Rates left at 4.75% on caution over European sovereign debt woes and softening asset prices.

Australian Property Vs Shares

Property Vs Shares: Shares Better Than Property In Long Run

1/7/2020 |

Australian shares provided a marginally higher long-term return after tax over Australian residential property. Property won out in the medium term.

House In Paddington Australia

Australian Property Market: New Home Sales Fall In May 2011

1/7/2020 | Number of New, Detached Homes Sold Fell In May 2011