News Articles For June 2011

Shares Going Ex-Dividend Guide

29/6/2020 |

This guide explains the process of shares going ex-dividend. If you are unfamiliar with dividends you may want to check out our Understanding Share Dividends Guide.

The Process

The time line below shows the ex-dividend process.

Dividend Date Guide

New Stamp Duty Rates & Government Grant Changes 2011-2012

29/6/2020 | See the new stamp duty rates and discounts for your state.

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New Queensland (QLD) Grants & Stamp Duty

26/6/2020 | Big changes to QLD stamp duty rates and grants. What do the changes mean for you?

Understanding Share Dividends

26/6/2020 |

“For many investors a key criteria in selecting a share, is whether a company pays dividends and the size of those dividends.

So what are dividends?

As a shareholder you are entitled to a share in the company’s profits or earnings. Companies pay dividends from their net earnings and are usually expressed in cents per share.

There is no requirement for the company to pay a dividend from earnings, some companies might choose to reinvest the earnings back into the business.

Is Stamp Duty Calculated On The Settlement Date or Contract Date?

26/6/2020 |

Stamp duty is a government tax that is calculated on the value of the property at the date of the contract of sale


ACT & Canberra Property Market: Background & Forecast 2011-2012

24/6/2020 | It has been a good year to be a property owner in Canberra.

New Stamp Duty & Grants Western Australia (WA) 2011-2012

23/6/2020 | Western Australia (WA) Continues To Support Home Buyers

Stamp Duty & Grants Changes South Australia (SA) 2011-2012

23/6/2020 | South Australia Plans To Dump First Home Bonus Grant

New Stamp Duty Rates & Discounts Tasmania (TAS) 2011-2012

23/6/2020 | Tasmania Drops Stamp Duty Discounts Under Budget Pressure

New Stamp Duty Discount Victoria (VIC)

23/6/2020 |

Victoria Aims To Support House Prices

New Stamp Duty & Grants Northern Territory (NT) 2011-2012

23/6/2020 | See how you can benefit from the new building grant

Buying A Property Guide: Contract Date & Settlement Date

22/6/2020 |

The Contract Date is the date that the contract of sale is signed. It is sometimes referred to as the sign date. A binding contract doesn’t exist until it is signed by both parties.