News Articles For March 2011

How does depreciation work with an investment property?

23/3/2020 |

Depreciation represents a reduction in the value of an asset due to usage over time. What are the tax deductions you can claim?

Margin Lending: Is Gearing With A Margin Loan Worth It?

23/3/2020 |

In this video we show you how to find out whether or not it is worth borrowing to invest in shares by using a margin loan / margin lending. We use the Investment Calculator which has an inbuilt margin loan calculator which you can download only from My Money Calculator. We run through a few example scenarios using an investor named George who is considering getting a margin loan but wants to know

whether he should keep all his money in cash or if he should buy shares with or without a margin loan.

Investment Property Calculator – Can I afford an investment property?

16/3/2020 |

Can I afford an investment property and how much will it cost me?

Concessional Vs. Non-Concessional Super Contributions

16/3/2020 |

In simple terms contributions you make into super are classified for tax purposes as either:

1. concessional or 2. non-concessional.

What are Concessional Contributions?

These are before tax employer contributions to super including compulsory employer contributions & salary sacrifice. If you are self-employed these are the contributions you claim as a tax deduction.

Dividends & Franking Credits Explained Including Formula

8/3/2020 |

This guide aims to provide a simple plain English answer to some of the more common questions about franking credits.

You may also want to use our Franking Credits Calculator to calculate franking credits on your dividends or check out our Understanding Share Dividends guide.

What are franking credits and why do they exist?

Franking credits represent the taxes paid by a company on earnings that have been distributed as dividends.