Week Ahead: Global Markets & Economic News (September 12th 2011)

Published 12 September 2011

A glance at the economic calendar for the week ahead reveals some of the key economic events and data releases occurring this week. Undoubtedly there will be a lot more attention paid to the more impromptu press conferences and statements by policy makers as the eurozone buck passing continues and Obama tries to push his roughly $477 bn jobs package.

Markets may find some stories to rally on if policy makers come out with some action instead of talk. Talk is cheap in markets. Without a good story to rally on expect more fear and markets to be driven down further. We might even see 4,000 on the ASX 200 to get cracked this week.


September 12th: NAB Business confidence


September 13th: Tuesday Budget balance

September 14th: US monthly retail sales

September 15th: CPI figures


September 15th: ECB Monthly Report

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