How To Buy Gold In Australia: How Australians Can Invest In Gold

Last Updated 4 December 2014

Whether you’re an equity bull or a gold-basher you can’t argue with gold’s absolute return of over 100% over the past 3 years (at least gold prices in USD terms).

This guide discusses various ways retail investors can invest in gold in Australia. We go through the currency risk associated with holding gold, how to buy gold including all the different investment vehicles for the retail investor, as well as resources gold investors will find handy.


  1. Hedged Vs Unhedged: Understanding Currency Risk
  2. Gold Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs)
  3. Gold Stocks (Australian Gold Companies)
  4. Physical Gold Bullion
  5. Managed Funds Specialising In Gold
  6. Resources For Gold Investors: Gold Prices, Gold Charts, Gold Forecasts

There is so much information available on gold, this guide is general information only and not advice.

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