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Mortgage Pre-Approval Tips What You Need to Know

16/12/2014 | Tips about getting pre-approval for a home loan.The ultimate value derived by mortgage lenders from a mortgage pre-approval is assurance that potential borrowers qualify for certain mortgages.

Guide on Investing In Shares

16/12/2014 | Tips for those looking to invest in shares. Shares have historically outperformed other asset classes in the long term. The return on investment of shares is usually in form of dividends or capital growth of the market share price.

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The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Superannuation Part 1

13/12/2014 | Unfortunately, many of us, particularly those of us with little experience in investing in super, are prone to making mistakes that diminish the value of our super investments. The checklist provides the essential guide to protecting one of our biggest assets - super.

Buying Property In A SMSF Rules

26/11/2014 | There are some important things to know when buying property with super. Did you know that buying property with your super can be a strategy for retirement?